Mohan Menon, our Founder, is a Risk Management professional with more than 20 years of working experience in building organizational resilience.

He is also Chair of the Business Continuity Institute’s Malaysian Forum. and has been a certified professional of the BCI for more than 10 years. He is also a Board Member of the BCI’s Asia Chapter.

He helps clients build resilience, both from a business perspective (Business Continuity Management), and also from an IT perspective (IT Continuity or IT Disaster Recovery).

He has successfully helped build resilience for numerous clients, ranging from medium sized corporations to large conglomerates, spanning several countries (Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, New Zealand and Philippines), and, spanning numerous industry sectors.

His largest role to-date has been in a 10 man-year, multi-million dollar consulting project for a client – a large conglomerate in the financial sector. In that project, he led a team of consultants as Project Director and Lead Consultant, in significantly enhancing the resilience of the client against potential disasters.

Armed with honors and first-class degrees in IT (USA) and in Business (India), and with working experience in both these disciplines, he converses easily with technical personnel as well as with senior management. This combination of business and technology skills is invaluable, as any conversation on protecting business processes must also include an understanding of the underlying technology infrastructure. It also facilitates in him an ability to take into account his clients’ strategic business considerations, when analyzing their IT requirements.

His advanced presentation skills makes him a sought-after speaker at conferences, workshops, client meetings and boardrooms. He is adept at adapting the message to suit the audience. He excels in conveying complex technical information to senior executives to facilitate clarity in decision making.